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It's a day of things

Random urge to update, but nothing to update about

Jason and I have been feeling really stressed and strung out lately. I think the summer is really wearing on us, having the kids so much during the week. These guys are high maintenance I'll tell you that much.

SO we're thinking of taking a vacation together. A little weekend getaway. We still never had a honeymoon or anything like it, so I think I can safely say we deserve this!

Ideas so far:
-Helen, GA: Cute little alpine village, comfy hotel, river tubing?
-Find a random cabin to stay in. Complete relaxation!
-Six Flags? Obviously we could just rent a hotel and have that be part of our getaway, but it would depend on if we're in the mood to have some fun.
-Beach? Early morning sunrises and breezy evenings?

We're shooting for the first weekend of August. Jason is going away for a week for TDY, he'll be in Denver, I think. As far as I know, I will have all the kids by myself that week :( I even have to corral them into a dentist appointment all at once. FUN!!

In other news, there has been so much drama with some of my friends lately. I'm really really not into the drama thing, even though I love talking about things with people but..its just not something I think it worth getting into over a livejournal post. =P
But to sum it up there have been some crazy highs and some suck-ass lows. Lost a friend of two, and have pushed some serious limits in the name of a good time. Woot?
Needless to say, its added some spice/interest in my life lately, but its also been stressful. Who do I think I am running around looking for more stress in my life? I HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY K THANKS.

All this talk about stress is sort of misleading. I am at such a good place in my life, and I can't imagine being anywhere else. I love my family, Im madly in love with Jason (still?! BARF) and we are doing pretty great in life. Honestly, all the stress just comes from me being such a control freak, and thats all there is to it.

I received my Associate Degree last semester, and am now trudging along towards my Bachelor. School is taking way too long. 4 years to get my Associate =/
Oh well. Its been an adventure so far. Slowly working towards a potential good source of income but in the meanwhile being a stay at home mom which saves us a lot of money in daycare.
Caeleigh starts prek next month! Whoa.
Weston starts 3rd grade.
Jade is just pretty.

I had a few more mentionables in mind, but I'm not too concerned with typing anymore so maybe ill come back and add stuff later today :)


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such a stressful time!
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