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I am so incredibly at the short end of my rope.

None of these 3 children will listen to me! It's not just normal not listening its just, continuous, never-ending, crippling disregard.

Jade is at her worst right now. She's going through a horrific mean streak and she's screaming "mine" and "no" at anyone around, and Caeleigh is always crying because Jade hits her. So thats one things thats been a problem, because she's having to go into time-out 10 times a day, but it doesn't do anything, I think she actually enjoys time-out. I gotta figure something else out.
Then theres just regular stuff like asking her to stop something, or just trying to get her attention to ask her a question. I've gotten in the habit of saying "Jade, look at Mommy" every time I talk to her because otherwise I'm wasting my breath.
But then half the time, that doesn't even work and she deliberately stares AWAY from me so she can pretend not to listen.

All I do all day is yell or make commands and it's getting tiring! Why can't a simple nice request suffice? Why can't I get through to any of my children.

For the longest time I could get Jade to listen by ending a sentence/question with "okay?"
"Jade please don't do that, okay?"
And she would say "okay!" and move on. What happened to that????

Half the time I don't even know if they even HEAR me or if they are just in their own world. Ignoring or just zoned out?

Weston has always been like this, so thats nothing new, maybe I'm just getting very short lately because it's so frustrating to NEVER be listened to. I feel like I have no say in anything and everyone just looks at me as this person that says stuff an is best to be ignored.
I just speak so much to them that they're so used to it and don't even realize when I'm there or not.

I'm really just so incredibly tired of it.
Sounds like normal mom-whining but NO! I can't stress enough how much authority I don't have in this household.
Threats of spankings or time-outs or whatever the case may be...they do nothing for these children. And its not like I never follow through, I always follow through..

It's getting out of hand. I am the mother dammit and when I say pick up your toys, or heck even "come over here", I freaking mean do it! I am always having to chase Jade down, she thinks everything is a game. Ugh, do I really have one of THOSE?
The thing with a 2 year old is, no matter how much you demand they pick up toys, no matter how many time outs or spankings they get for not doing it -- if they don't want to do it, you can't make them! And you end up being the one to do it anyway.
Trust me when I say that happens 99% of the time. I don't think I've ever got Jade to do it. Even by trying to make a game out of it. I've played nice, I've played understanding, I've played mean, I've played firm, I've played patient. None of it works.

The thing with Weston is that really in the long-run he frustrates me so much, but doesn't frustrate Jason at all. So I have convinced myself its best to just back off of that situation, let him run amuck and do ridiculous things because its not my business. How retarded is that. It's not worth the stress if Jason doesn't even care. Why be the evil stepmother?

Caeleigh isn't ridiculously out of control at all at this point but she seems to have something in the way of receiving messages lately. I typically have to say her name at least 3 times, progressively louder, before she snaps up "huh??" Okkay....lost in her own thoughts, big deal. But then I tell her things, while she's looking right at me and she just gets this "I dont understand" look. And she hesitates, feeling like she should do something btu she isn't sure what. And they are all simple things that I know she is capable of doing/understanding but I think she is overthinking it.

*sigh* I think I'm done ranting now.
I tend to run out of steam pretty quickly.

I'm just tired. I'm so tired of working 2x harder because i'm having to repeat everything I say and do plus some in order to get day to day things accomplished.
It's a phase, right?