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I don't have the motivation or creativity to write interesting blog updates but sometimes I get the urge to at least put something down -- because I do read back on my journal entries, and they always seem to surprise me somehow. Gotta keep that memory lane going, even though it may not seem like much as I'm writing it.

Weston: 8
Jade: 3 in 22 days
Caeleigh: 3 1/2

Right now life feels busy, even though we have nothing too demanding in our lives. It's pretty typical. We have the kids sunday, monday, tuesday, and thursday nights. So basically every school night except for Wednesday. I have Jade on some weekends. It seems silly to have to declare it, but we've got a routine down. Certain days I stay home with girls, certain days they go to daycare, Weston has school, I pick him up from school, come home, make dinner, eat dinner, cleanup, bath time, homework, tv/activity time, get ready for bed and BREATHE. Each day these things are pretty back to back and it keeps us running. I say its silly to have to declare it, because most people take it for granted that its just the way life is, but with 3 kids and 4 parents, 3 households, it gets tricky and you really just build a different way of life perhaps. So having a routine is something to be proud of.

Being kid-free on some weekends makes us slightly spoiled as parents. I find that sometimes we take THAT for granted, as if, by definition, parents are supposed to have a few days out of the week without kids. Haha. I forget sometimes that we are not typical parents.
I have to keep myself (and Jason) in check about that from time to time. =)

As far as kids go, I think my relationship and tolerance for Weston is improving, whereas my relationship and tolerance for Caeleigh is being tested in high gear some days. Jade is always testing my patience but somehow my maternal connection with her dulls the bits that might otherwise not be dulled with Caeleigh and Weston. Its hard to say if that will always be the case or not...

Overall, having kids is great. I think it's a very important part of my life and I wouldnt be the same without them. They teach me something new each day, either from their small child eyes or by indirectly revealing something about myself I might have missed before. Each day I think about their future and what type of person they will be in 10 years. Where would my life be without them?

As far as marriage goes! I can't believe I'm a married woman. (The wedding was great and not so great, but that post is for another day) I've been married for 2 months now (time flies) and honestly its been just as wonderful as it was when we weren't married ;-)

It warms my heart to be able to say 'wife' and 'husband', but otherwise, we're still just as romantically mushy as before. (Okay maybe a little moreso) I dont know what it is about us, but life is just RIGHT. I dont really have to analyze why we work together so well or worry about 'handling' things just right so it doesnt get messed up down the road. We just flow so well each and everyday. Don't question what works, right?

I'm excited about my future, I have to say. I'm very curious about what lies ahead, and I feel like we're going to be something great. Hursts, rockin' it.

Events as of late.

My grandfather died the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It was a rough time for some of my family but I think it was his time. I enjoyed his funeral service and learned some new things about him. It was nice to see so many people come show their support.
I was never really close with my grandpa (or grandma) and I think they were both a little bitter that I never come to visit even though I live in the area. Because of this, I felt a little awkward the last time I saw grandpa when he had come out of the hospital. I gave him a hug and told him to take it easy...he never really said a word the entire time I was there but I don't know if it was because he didn't feel good or because he was irritated that I don't come around except when I need something. (I was there to pick up my wedding photos)

I can understand how that looks, but honestly its not as cold-hearted as that. I live 20 minutes away and don't come to that side of town very often, and if I do, its because I have something that needs to be done on that side of town. I was never actually invited over, it was always just an open invitation with them. I could have made more of an effort but its not always that easy when you have tons of other things on your plate. When you have plans with dates and times, the 'open invitations' tend to be overlooked.
I don't want to make it out like I have to defend myself, I guess I just want Grandma (now) to be understanding -- as was I of their reactions. RIP Grandpa Holt

Then on Dec. 3 my dad had a mild heart attack. He was basically in a lot of pain for a day or so at the hospital, and after everything was checked out and confirmed, he got stents put in to take care of the blockages. He did not have any heart damage, which is super good. It was a bit scary to learn of the attack, after last October he had a major stroke.

Over the last year my dad has been on the fast track to recovery, physically. He regained his speech and mobility within days and weeks. He was diagnosed with Diabetes and has changed his diet and lost somewhere around 30 lbs. He has also stopped smoking for good (even though my mom still smokes) and he looks and feels good.
Unfortunately in June he lost his job due to his department shutting down and I'm not sure what they are doing with that. It seems to me that he's just retiring.
My dad is a little different than he used to be in some ways, and very much the same in others. He is slower, more careful, and a bit anxious about things. He still seems to have some anger issues and OCD qualities. I think he has lost a lot of confidence in his mental abilities and they seem to think he won't be able to find a job because he can't do what he used to be able to do. Not sure if thats a cop-out though or not.

Overall I think he's doing great and I was pretty surprised to hear about the heart attack considering his progress. I guess some things just take a while to rear their head though.

Then there's Jason's Grandpa Hurst. His grandparents have been living with his parents for a long time now and lately he hasn't been faring so well. He was put in the hospital with pneumonia a couple weeks ago, and no one thought he was going to make it but he's actually back at home now in his previous state. As Paula puts it: "He is about the same some good days some not so good. He is a good patient though never complains and can always get a laugh out of him."
From what I understand his blood pressure is always changing, up and down. Jason and I have taken care of him a few times over the past few months and can tell he's just tired and seemingly ready to go.

So its been a busy couple months as far as medical emergencies go.

(Chad also punched a wall, hit a stud, and dislocated and fractured his hand sunday night. Now he'll have pins in his hand for a month. Gotta love the anger management my family practices)