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You are a father, with 1 child, split with the mother.

You get to see your child Saturday-Sunday each weekend.

Should you want to take a "vacation" or "weekend trip", is it okay to just say "hey, cant get the kid this weekend"?

Seeing as how you get only about 24 hours with the child to begin with, shouldn't your getaways take place the other 6 days you dont have the child? Or maybe they should just involve the child?

Also, if you were to use a weekend for yourself anyway, shouldn't you ASK the mother if its ok, not just say "i cant take the child"

Also, shouldn't this scenario be just a rare occasion, therefore not a huge deal? Not something that happens 4 times within 3 months?


ETA: But then again, maybe I'm overreacting


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Jul. 14th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
I don't think you're overreacting. I do agree with you that his getaways should be the days he doesn't have the kid or to go places with the kid. And I can understand going on solo trips every now and then and needing to change the arrangement.

But the proper way to go about that is asking since he's considering changing an already existing arrangement. Having the child is an obligation that he knows he's going to have and he should plan around that.
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