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I feel kind of sucky lately. This month is getting to be very stressful.

Ive been feeling lonely as far as friends go, and we've been doing a lot of traveling to Atlanta/Newnan for the last 5 weekends in a row, ugh.

Jason has been really wrapped up in his gaming stuff/fund website/gencon/bands lately, and I just haven't really had a nice weekend in a while it feels like.

this past weekend we went up to atlanta to a 2 yr old pool party. that was kind of relaxing...
Afterwards I made the extra effort to go to Newnan and attend an improv show that 2 of my friends were performing in for the first time. It was a good show and I was excited to hang with a potential plethora of individuals after the show, and the night just fizzled and no one took any notice of us or invited us to hang. So we just went back to my parents house for a boring night and bed.

I feel like I make all these efforts and open chances for people to hang and no one seems to care. I dont think people quite realize how far Newnan is for us and that THEY are the one of the only reasons we come and without that, its a pretty pointless trip. I dont think any of them hate me or anything, they just take it all for granted that I'm there. Like "ah she'll be here all weekend, ill fit her in eventually" and 5pm Sunday rolls around and they invite me over and im like WTF GUYS im leaving.

I guess I just don't want to make the effort anymore. Saturday evening-Sunday alone, I opened up about SEVEN opportunities for people to hang and not a single bite. uber frustrating.

thats just the current blah's on my mind.
It doesn't help that I have a huge paper thats stressing me out thats due at the end of the week and its really hard to do with the kids around. jason is too busy doing his own shit that he doesnt think to help me and i dont feel like asking so i guess its not his fault. he's leaving on thursday to go to Denver for work. he's coming back in wednesday but hopping on another plane to go to Gencon (all expenses paid) until Sunday.

Eric isn't getting Jade this coming weekend so I've got an extra plate than usual, a paper, and loneliness. Go me.

whine post over.