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Conversation with Weston

Weston: What happens when you play too much video games?
Ashton: Well, I guess if you played a lot a lot, you could get addicted. Do you know what that means?
Weston: No
Ashton: Hmm, lets see. You know how some people smoke cigarettes? And its really yucky and unhealthy but they still do it anyway? Why do they do that if its bad for them? Its because they are addicted. They have to have it. Their body wants it. Well, if you play TOO much video games, you can become addicted.
Weston: I've gotta stop playing those video games, I dont want no cigarettes.
Ashton: Huh? No. Cigarettes dont have anything to do with the game, I was just trying to tell you what addiction means. I'm just saying, that some people cant live without video games and some people cant live without cigarettes.
Weston: Ive gotta stop those video games.
Ashton: Weston, you dont play nearly enough games to become addicted. You are fine. Sometimes you go outside and play, or watch tv. You're doing a good job not being addicted, so you don't have to worry about it. You can keep playing video games.

Jade: Mommy! mommy! Cigarettes make me DIE!
Ashton: *laugh* Yeah, cigarettes can make you die, you dont ever need to smoke, okay?

Weston: *breaks out into tears* I dont want to die!!!!!!!
Ashton: Weston! You're not going to die! I was just saying that people who smoke cigarettes can die because it hurts their body. Do you smoke cigarettes? No, you dont, you're fine, buddy!
Weston: *still crying and sniffling* But, you said if I play the video games, I'll get cigarettes.
Ashton: Forget I said anything about cigarettes. You wont die if you play video games. EVER. Ever ever ever.
Weston: Okay...
But Ashton, my moms vacuum exploded with smoke.
Ashton: Regular smoke is okay. It can't hurt you, just cigarette smoke because it has chemicals in it. Don't worry about smoke buddy, as long as you don't smoke cigarettes in your mouth, you will be fine.

*5 hours later*

Weston: Can I get sick from TV's too?